Playground Markings in Scotland. Creative Thermoplastic Playground Markings can make a normal school playground an amazing school playground!

Our creative Thermoplastic Playground Markings are designed to help make playgrounds fun and creative places for children to express themselves.

The designs we create help brighten up any playground area, encouraging kids to move around and explore instead of sitting statically, playing with toys or electronic devices.

The bright colours and shapes can help lighten moods. They can stimulate the senses and help to improve the emotional state of the children.

All playground markings that we use are made from high-quality thermoplastic that’s precision cut and bonded perfectly to the ground. It creates a colourful, permanent piece of artwork that’s incredibly hard wearing and long lasting.

Compared to coloured paint it should last around 10 times as long. The colours won’t fade in the sun the way that paint colours can.

Our markings are non-toxic and the material is anti-slip so can be used when the ground is wet without fear of accidents.

We can make just about any kind of solid colour artwork you like. We have a range of standard designs or we can work with you to design something truly unique to your environment, such as your school logo or motto.

We offer unbeatable value for money and cover the whole of central Scotland. Why not get in touch for a free brochure or quotation? Call us on 01698 767574 for more information.

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Free Design Service and Free No-Obligation Quote

All markings are Non-Toxic Thermoplastic

Extremely Durable and Completely Safe

Thermoplastic lasts 8-10x longer than Paint

Turns grey, boring ground into a fun place to be!

Great for learning and getting kids moving!

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